How do I volunteer for the CA Vegetarian Food Festival & Symposium?

If you are interested in volunteering, please go the Volunteer Contact page and fill out and submit the form online. We will review your submission and contact you if the volunteer position you requested is available.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

It depends on the volunteer position or task. Some require more of a time commitment than others. There are a few short volunteer meetings prior to the festival that you are expected to attend. Our volunteer coordinator will provide you with a schedule in advance.

Do you have to live in the San Francisco area to volunteer?

There are some volunteer positions that can be done remotely. On-site festival volunteers must be able to not only attend the festival but also attend the pre-festival volunteer meetings in San Francisco, CA.

What is so great about volunteering for the CA Vegetarian Food Festival & Symposium?

Free festival tee shirt, experience in event production, potential for future recommendation, jiving with the vegan community, snacks!

What type of volunteer opportunities are there?

You can find a list of volunteer areas by going to the Volunteer About page.

What do we expect from our volunteers?

We ask that volunteers conduct themselves professionally, be reliable, communicate well, and interact with everyone in a friendly manner.

Do you still have more questions about volunteering?

Please go to our Volunteer Contact page and complete our form.