Do you offer free admittance for press?

We grant free admittance to the Festival to members of the press that have registered with us ahead of time and meet certain criteria. To register fill out the information on the Press Registration page.

How do I check-in at the Festival?

Bypass the ticket line and go to the Press Check-In line. You must present a business card with your credentials and your photo ID.

If I have a friend that wants to attend, do they have to wait in the ticket line or can they bypass the line as well?

No, they must go through the ticket line.

Will press be allowed access prior to doors opening?

Yes, we will open doors for press an hour before the start of the Festival for arranged interviews and to speak to the vendors.

Can we film or photograph?

You may only film or photograph upon our prior consent and you must also sign a release and obtain the necessary permissions to use the images.

Are the founders of the Festival available for interviews?

Yes. Interviews with the Festival founders can be arranged for pre/during/post Festival. Just let us know 1) when, 2 ) what, 3) where and we will try our best to make it happen.

Are there any previous festival images that we can use?

It depends on what you are looking for in particular and the usage. But typically, yes, upon request.

How can we become a media partner?

Contact us at on the Press Registration page.